PPS Parent Coach Recognized for Passion of Children Literacy

Myya Robinson is a tireless advocate for children’s literacy through her work with Parents for Public Schools and has developed several programs as the East Biloxi Community Collaborative Education Committee Chairwoman that get the children of East Biloxi excited and engaged with reading and learning.

In coordination with the Biloxi School District, EBCC, Parents for Public Schools, and other community volunteers, Myya has worked to develop and implement a tutoring program for at risk students in 3rd grade at Gorenflo Elementary. The program focuses on 3rd grade students that are reading below grade level and considered at risk of failing the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) 3rd Grade Reading Summative Assessment. Administrators with the Biloxi School District create an individual curriculum for each student to strengthen the student's reading and comprehension skills. Biloxi High School students that have excellent grades, demonstrated leadership skills and availability are selected by the Biloxi School district to serve as tutors. Tutors are paid $10.00 per hour by the EBCC. The principal of Gorenflo provides daily supervision and direction to the tutors.  3rd grade students are invited to participate in the program free of charge to the parent.

As the Chairwoman of the EBCC Education committee Myya also coordinated and implemented, the “East Biloxi Boys and Girls Club Book Series” this last Fall. The Education committee partnered with the East Biloxi Boys and Girls Club unit to create a book club for 3rd grade students in an effort to improve reading comprehension skills. The club read “The Great Shark Escape Magic School Bus”. EBCC committees worked with students weekly. The group read a chapter aloud then worked on an arts and crafts project that coincided with the chapter.  The EBCC also partnered with Gorenflo Elementary to ensure the students took the corresponding AR test. Each student passed the test. The students were rewarded for their accomplishments with a field trip to the Aquarium of the Americas New Orleans where they saw real sharks. Not only did they learn vital reading skills but they also took a real life adventure to an aquarium, a first for most of the children.

And finally the innovative and exciting “Illiteracy Cut It Out” program that provides free books for children to read while they are at local Barbershops.  This reading program encourages children of all ages, mainly African American boys, to read while waiting for a haircut and has been very successful at Dynamic Barber and Beauty on the far east end of Biloxi. The barbers encourage the children to read materials and tell them about the book while they are getting their haircut.

Myya Robinson is a force for positivity in her person and her work and this volunteer work should be commended for the impact she makes daily on our future generation!  Go Myya!!!