Pitt County NC is the newest PPS Chapter Location

The newest member of the PPS Network of Chapters is Pitt County, NC.   The parents and schools in Pitt County have gained a strong advocate for their public schools as PPS expands its reach eastward.  Kathy Herring who is serving as the chapter’s first president says, “The positive reception to the chapter has been outstanding,” Herring said. “Everyone agrees that public education is the cornerstone of our community. Whether or not you have children in the public school system, you are impacted by it every day. Our educational success impacts economic development, poverty issues, and the ability to create and fill jobs.”

“Parents for Public Schools is delighted to welcome PPS of Pitt County to our family of chapters across the United States," said Anne Foster, PPS National Executive Director.  The new chapter in Pitt County has all the pieces in place to be a strong chapter and to have an impact on the quality of public education in their region.”

Welcome to the Network, Pitt County!

Click here to read the full press release and here to see the announcement on the United Way of Pitt County website.