Parent Engagement Programs

PEP Talk-What others are saying

The great Frederick Douglass was recorded as saying, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” When I think about how PPS empowers parents, the aforementioned quote comes to mind.  PPS is equipping parents with the knowledge and skills necessary to partner with our public schools and ensure that we build strong chidren.   

Anthony Herbert-School Admin. Parent Leader, Gulf Coast Class of 2011             

Parents for Public Schools has been simply great. The workshops were positive, upbeat and informational.  The PPS course is thought-provoking and gives parents and community leaders the necessary critical thinking skills to be great role models and effective advocates for public schools. PPS has empowered us to hope and believe that we can make a difference.

                               Mayor Aniece Liddell - Parent Leader Gulf Coast 2012

The trainers and the participants in this parent engagement program have left an indelible mark upon my life.  I have never been part of such a diverse group of individuals who are so passionate about improving schools.  It is so inspiring to see government officials, business leaders, educators, parents, and other community stakeholders unite to share ideas and achieve goals.   

                   Cynthia McDonald –Parent Leader, East Central Class of  2011

 As a teacher in an alternative school setting, I'm somewhat out of the loop when it comes to some of the new terminology, school jargon, curriculum, data analysis, federal educational standards, and the likes... This class provided me with a better understanding of the Mississippi education system and how accountability, assessment, and instruction were the driving forces to achieving successful schools.  

                                    Debra Lowery Parent Leader East Central 2012

When I first heard of the PPS parent engagement program, I really wasn't sure about the sessions. I thought it would be a bunch of boring classes, but I was very wrong. The learning was fun, exciting and an experience I would never have imagined. 

                          Lonnie Gaddis Jr., Parent Leader Pinebelt Class of 2011

My Gosh! Parents 4 Public Schools has been quite an experience and an eye-opener for me. The feeling of being more involved with the direction of my children's education and the understanding I have gained has been wonderful.            

                              Vangela Stone, Parent Leader Northeast Class of 2011

I first became impressed through the efforts of the 2012 session of  Parents for Public Schools, as I learned how PPS promotes, motivates and supports parents in their role of being connected to public school.  The sessions develops and improves quality schools.   

                             Doris Renshaw, Parent Leader Northeast Class of 2012

Over the years, Parents for Public Schools hase built on a strong foundation of prepared parents to help improve children’s education.  That is why I decided to join PEP and be part of this amazing self-growing journey as a parent and as a concerned citizen.

 Veronica Lopez, Parent Leader Northeast classs 2012 

Parent leadership training taught me that if I stand strong and am active, things will soon be better. My slogan to myself from my PPS experience is “being involved makes the world evolve!!!” 

                            Tina Edwards, Parent Leader Hazlehurst class of 2012