Parent Engagement Programs

Creating effective parent partners

Supporting learning at home is more challenging than ever before. Parents need to understand school accountability, decipher the education jargon, learn new curriculum, and discuss higher order thinking skills. Research indicates that when families are involved at home and at school, schools get better, student academic success improves and families have more confidence in educators.  

PPS understands that parents will be involved if they have the confidence and knowledge needed to be effective education partners.  PEP parents learn to identify academic barriers at home, at school, or in the community and work to decrease those barriers.  We help them develop their own personal leadership skills so that they can effectively work with educators, students and other parents to help students succeed.

“But parents won’t come” is a common cry from schools and administrators.  We work with schools and communities to understand how to reach parents.  There is no magic to increasing parental involvement, but there are activities and processes that improve recruiting results.  

By modeling exciting teaching methods and giving parents opportunities to be successful in a classroom setting, our parents leave our learning sessions ready to recognize and support quality teaching.   They are also able to understand student accountability data and can help organize activities with other parents to focus on ways to improve results.

Each district or community has its unique challenges.  Our experienced staff completes a needs assessment, reviews school data, and creates a customized training that addresses the specific needs of the school or district.