Parent Engagement Programs

When parents and schools work together, everybody wins.

PPS IS UNIQUELY QUALIFIED to help schools and parents build powerful alliances that improve results for schools and students. With over twenty years of experience in building parent engagement in public schools, PPS parent engagement programs (PEP) can leverage resources so that parents and community members become supporting and engaged education partners. We have experience at the frontline of public schools, municipalities and communities across the U.S.

PPS provides consulting and educational leadership training services to school districts, municipal leaders, parent organizations and other community organizations working to strengthen public schools.

PPS works to raise standards, solve problems and advocate for the community. Our programs meet Title I parent engagement requirements; more than that, they exceed requirements by authentically engaging parents and improving schools in the process.

Using a systemic process to develop family and community education advocates, PPS provides data-driven, customized training with courses covering a variety of topics.