For Immediate Release
Sep. 12, 2016
Dr. Catherine Cushinberry,, 601-969-6936

Parents for Public Schools Celebrates 25 Years - A Look Back to Forge Ahead

Jackson, MS. (September 12, 2016) – The national office of Parents for Public Schools (PPS) is celebrating twenty-five years of service. It will use Facebook and Twitter (@pps_national) to share a retrospective and prospective look at the organization every day this week.

PPS was founded September 17, 1991 in Jackson, MS. Its purpose was to promote integration of public schools in Mississippi and combat “white flight”.  It has grown to seventeen chapters in thirteen states including California and Hawaii. It works toward equity and fully-funded and resourced public schools.

PPS believes that parents and families do and must play a critical role in their children’s public school education. Since its inception, PPS has been committed to educating parents and families on how public school systems work and ways they can best advocate for their children and become leaders in their communities.

“Public school parents and families need us now more than ever,” said Dr. Catherine Cushinberry, National Executive Director of Parents for Public Schools. “Many public schools across the country are underfunded. We have to bridge gaps, so that families of all backgrounds have the knowledge and tools to work with one another and their schools. If we do that, then I sincerely believe policymakers will have no choice but to listen and act when there is a collective of diverse voices in harmony with one another.”

PPS looks toward the future. It continues to nuance its work related to parent engagement. It has expanded its programming to include an early childhood development program and a program geared to help parents and youth identify pathways to graduation.